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Spectrum Baroque.jpg
Spectrum Waterglass.jpg
Spectrum Seedy.jpg
Spectrum Krinkle.jpg
Spectrum Cord.jpg
Spectrum Hammered.jpg
Glaverbel Bamboo Frost.jpg
Spectrum Granite.jpg
Vegla crossreed.jpg
Vegla Ribbed
Vegla Abstracto
Vegla Seedy Reamy.jpg
Pilkington Everglade.jpg
Glaverbel Chinchilla.jpg
Spectrum Ice.jpg
Vegla Silvit.jpg
Pilkington Cotswold.jpg
Spectrum Hammered Small.jpg
Pilkington Minster.jpg
Pilkington Reed.jpg
Pilkington Flemish.jpg
Pilkington Autumn.jpg
Vegla Pyramid.jpg
Pilkington Arctic.jpg
Gardian Rain.jpg
Glaverbel Delta Frost.jpg
Glaverbel Delta.jpg
Pilkington Taffeta
Pilkington Sycamore.jpg
German Antique
Frandisa Flash.jpg
German Antique
Frandisa Caribe.jpg
Spectrum Veccio.jpg

We carry a large assortment of clear pattern glass. Most come in large sheets, we cut to customer dimensions.  Some can be tempered, if not, can be laminated for safety. There are many samples not shown here. Please call for further information, or if trying to match a customer sample. 

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