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Leaded / Stained Glass
Custom designed and built in our shop using the highest quality standards. Can be insulated for exterior use in windows & doors or single pane for interior use, cabinets or room dividers.
Lead Overlay
Lead overlay is real lead applied to clear tempered glass with a high bond tape, soldered, patina and finished like our traditional leaded glass. Can be single pane for interior use or insulated for exterior use. Standard designs available.
Pattern Glass

Art Glass Technologies provides a large selection of obscure textured glass for residential, commercial and architectural use. Most patterns can be made into safety glass by tempering or laminating. Can also be insulated for exterior use.

Etched Glass

Art Glass Technologies provides custom sandblasted designs from nature scenes to customers logo, deep carved or surface blasted. Like our other products, etched glass can be for interior or exterior use.


Art Glass Technologies specializes in stained glass repair for residential, commercial and church work. Insulated stained glass with broken exterior piece or fogged can usually be fixed. Small jobs may be done on site.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Specialty Glass

We offer other specialty glass products.

heavy glass shelving, table tops, low iron glass, restoration glass, antique or distressed mirror and custom textured glass. We also offer Antique Auto glass.

Commercial Glass

Art Glass Technologies has provided glass for Commercial jobs such as the light rail system in Tacoma. If your job requires art as a part of your commercial or government job, We can provide art glass. 

Glass gifts

Art Glass Technologies can provide glass gifts for corporate or personal occasions.

Made with recycled materials.

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